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What Our Clients Are Saying

I went in with some experience with jQuery, but most of my understanding hodge-podge and rough around the edges. This course helped me to cement the foundations and taught me stuff I didn't know I didn't know.

- APCO Worldwide

I thought Rick did a great job teaching this class. This was a virtual class and so I was skeptical that it would be a good environment for learning, but the way he taught the class was very easy to learn. Also, I had a good amount of HTML5/JavaScript experience and wasn't sure how much new stuff I would learn. I came out of the class very satisfied as I learned a lot of new things. I also liked the order that the taught things because they each built on the previous in a logical way.

- Intel Corporation

Instructor was very easy to listen to and retain my attention despite such a long training period.

- Haemonetics

Jesse provided excellent real world examples.

- Comcast

Great course to review and organize your current PERL skills.

- Advance Internet, Inc.

the instructor Justin is very knowledgeable. He's patient in debugging every issue student faced in coding from this class.

- Intel Corporation

This is a great "highly condensed" course for person even with little programming background, will look forward to the Advance class soon!

- Freeflow Hardware

The class is amazing, professor knows a lot.