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What Our Clients Are Saying

Sasa is very good at explaining Android topics and gave us an excellent overview in a short time frame.

David - Vulnerability Research Labs

Great Job Peter

Umit -

Brandon was awesome and I would definitely recommend him to friends/colleagues

Patrick -

Course was fast but good. I certainly learnt things and it cleared up some misconceptions I had about Android. Definitly enjoyed the course.

William - Tait Radio Communications

Objective reached and very satisfied with the delivery of information. Instructor very knowledgable on subject matter. Enjoyed the class...Thanks for the training.....

Joe - PSC

Wonderful class. Fantastic instructor (Aleksander). Fast paced, but very useful. I learned *so* much. The instructor was so knowledgeable he was able to answer every single question presented to him. Nice touch was also the free lunches. :)

Pia - Unemployed Engineer

I highly recommend this course. It's very useful and practical. To learn Scala and play, please attend this course!!

Justin - LinkedIn

I really enjoyed the class and believe I will take away a lot from it. Martin did a great job teaching the class.

Blake - Red Mountain Technologies