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What Our Clients Are Saying

I found the training to be very "hands-on" and practical - an excellent intro.
Being an intermediate user I already knew most of the lecture but I did learn new techniques and technical information that I did not know. Very well structured and excellent learning experience. Will be taking an internals class to dive more into the C/C++!

Chris - Cisco

Great training! Laurent was extremely well versed in this area and provided more then the run of the mill solutions. Thanx Marakana, I have changed the way I develop and look forward to more training in the future.

Anthony - Toys"R"Us

I really like the way the instructor shares his screen with the monitors at the students table, that helps me personally. I think the class is a bit fast, given the subject matter, but that is the nature of a 2-3 (5) day class. If you don't have a solid understanding of the underlying principles, this class would be difficult. I got a great deal from this course and I will be looking to Marakana for further training opportunities if they are available to me.

Joseph - Dillard's

Wow! Really learned a lot. This course paid for it self 5 times over.

Forrest - Sacramento County

Very nice lecture,Ben was very well trained us in Jquery and very patiently answered all the queries..I look forward to get trained by Marakana again in future.Thanks

Aravinda - Networksolutions

The web sharing tools -- but more specifically the way that Rick used them -- made the class very convenient and effective. Rick has a great knack for encouraging participation and learning, which can be difficult with remote training. I would definitely take a class in this format again, and especially from Rick.

Matt - Intel Corporation

It was definitely a very good learning experience.

Jay - Avery Dennison