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If you have a team of four or more students, and are are looking to adopt new technology, incorporate new staff, or just refresh your team's skills, then we should talk. Fill out the form below, and we'll get back to you within 24hrs to discuss options for private training delivered at your organization, or online.

The Process

  1. Request a quote for a course, and one of our Training Specialists will contact you to discuss your objectives, needs, and timeframe.
  2. Next, we'll schedule a call with one of our Lead Instructors and your Subject Matter Experts to dial in the curriculum.
  3. Once the curriculum and delivery dates have been nailed down, one of our Logistics Managers will take over to handle the final logistics and get your team everything they need for a successful training.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Python class is excellent. Trainer is highly qualified and excellent in teaching the course. Request to teach bit slow on advanced topics. If you add PPT presentation will have great impact.

Sreekanth -

I am sure I made the right decision in choosing Marakana with whomto take the Andoird Bootcamp course. The amount of information far exceeded my expectations. I will be recommending Marakana to fellow colleagues and will consider coming back for future open source classes.

Tom - BSSP Labs

Room scheduling was poorly handled, which I believe was a Comcast issue, not the instructor or Marakana.

Steve - Comcast

Seems like Marakana might have outgrown the JLicence training material. Instructor was clearly operating well above it level in terms and was just able to present material better. Marakana generating its own material would very likely be a huge step in completing the offering.

Eric - JPMorgan Chase

The class was great and I learned a lot about good programming practice and how to do things properly in Android. I'm glad that there was a book provided for reference later. Sasa was very helpful and did a good job explaining things.

Jon - Sandia National Labs

Sasa took time out to help me address some issues that we have been having on a new Tomcat implementation, so major Kudos to Sasa

David - Home

Instructor Greg was very knowledgeable, courteous, funny and helpful. Course content was the perfect mix of small chunks of theory followed by practical hands on labs

Simon -

Doug and Neven demonstrated in depth knowledge and understanding of JEE and the tools to build software in this space. I do appreciate them staying late every day to take our questions and their willingness share their experiences working in this environment.

Nelson - Cisco