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If you have a team of four or more students, and are are looking to adopt new technology, incorporate new staff, or just refresh your team's skills, then we should talk. Fill out the form below, and we'll get back to you within 24hrs to discuss options for private training delivered at your organization, or online.

The Process

  1. Request a quote for a course, and one of our Training Specialists will contact you to discuss your objectives, needs, and timeframe.
  2. Next, we'll schedule a call with one of our Lead Instructors and your Subject Matter Experts to dial in the curriculum.
  3. Once the curriculum and delivery dates have been nailed down, one of our Logistics Managers will take over to handle the final logistics and get your team everything they need for a successful training.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Brain came with abundant Scala hands-on knowledge that allowed us to jump freely into various related topics/languages. Aside from that, his energy and passion for Scala really enabled the short and intense session to be easily absorbable. I walked away (from the short 2 day session) feeling really comfortable to dive into more advanced Scala topics.

- Silicon Valley Data Science

All great!!! You ROCK!!!

- Samtec

The instructor clearly was a fantastic communicator, educator and demonstrated a subject matter expertise

- Intel Corporation

The level of material was perfect for me. Coming from an iOS world, the course delivered exactly what I needed to make the transition of concepts I know in one world (iOS) to the Android world. Awesome class! Instructor's knowledge is top notch and teaching abilities are great.

- Nielsen Media Research

Was a great course that really added to my understanding of android applications!

- Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Excellent instructor. Knowledge of the subject is clearly extensive. Very good course material, I will definitely keep it for reference. Appreciated the tailoring of the material to our needs.

- Intel Corporation

This is a great training vendor. They know their stuff. The trainer was very quick and knew his stuff. The Android internals is really a black art and I am glad to have attended the training.

- Intel Corporation

I learned a lot during these three days of training. Thank you so much!! Aleksandar had solid understanding of Java and really knew the stuff inside out.

- Williams-Sonoma, Inc.