MongoDB - It's Not Just About Big Data

MongoDB - It's Not Just About Big Data

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This is the second presentation from the recent event, Learn about NoSQL, in-which Will Shulman from MongoLab is going to give you the low-down on MongoDB.

MongoDB is a scalable, open-source, high-performance, document-oriented database, and a few of the topics Will is going to talk about include:
  • Storage Model
  • Flexible "Schemas"
  • Dynamic Queries
  • Aggregation and map/reduce
  • Scalability
  • Good use cases for MongoDB

Also, check out SriSatish's presentation from this event: Apache Cassandra: NoSQL, Yes to Scale.

About this Event
This event was presented by the The San Francisco Java User Group, The SF PHP Meetup Group, and The SF MySQL Meetup Group on August 09, 2011. Organized by Marakana, CBS Interactive, and Microsoft.

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