Python Fundamentals Training Videos

Python Fundamentals Training Videos


These screencasts come from Marakana's 4-day Python Fundamentals Training Course which Simeon Franklin taught at Marakana headquarters in San Francisco in August 2011.

This course covers the language itself, explains object-oriented as well as functional programming techniques, error handling, packaging, system and network programming, many of the Python extensions (libraries), as well as best practices.

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Ramesh Sahoo | Idolvision Technology
Posted on Jul 30, 2014 (3 years ago)

Excellent Tutorial...... Thank You very much....

Norm Hamer | Nust
Posted on Dec 21, 2013 (3 years ago)

There seem to be three or four parts to each day of the course, except for the third day. Are there class 3 lessons which were not posted?