RESTful Java

RESTful Java

Our three-day RESTful Java™ training course provides a thorough guide to the design and implementation of RESTful web services using Java. We take students from the fundamental concepts of the REST architectural style and its embodiment in existing web standards, all the way through the creation and testing of a REST service. The course also illustrates how the decades-old HTTP protocol can in fact elegantly address a variety of "enterprise scale" issues, including high concurrency and atomic transactions.

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Duration: 3 Days


On completion of this course, students will have implemented and tested a "web scale" RESTful web service using the open-source Jersey and Jackson libraries. Students will be able to:

  • Explain the fundamental concepts of the REST architectural style, and how they contrast against other web service architectures such as SOAP
  • Use HTTP's rich vocabulary of verbs and headers, URIs and media types as the basic building blocks of a scalable, future-proof service
  • Recognize and implement common patterns for constructing links, paginating and summarizing collections and providing atomic transactions
  • Transfer and apply the RESTful principles, demonstrated in this course with Jersey and Jackson, to other libraries, frameworks and programming languages


The Java Web Services course is geared toward software developers with experience in the Java programming language. Familiarity with annotations is helpful. No other background with Java EE frameworks (such as servlets, servlet containers, JPA, etc.) or related technologies (e.g. Spring, OSGi) is required.

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