Pro Django

Pro Django is a deeper look at the Django web application framework. Pro Django answers the unanswered questions in the Django Tutorial and empowers developers with the tools and essential applications consistently used by advanced Django developers.

By the end of the course each participant will build a Django App complete with a REST API. Participants will get exposure to advanced features of the Django ORM and Form handling components and understand the development process for non-trivial Django apps.

  • Overview
  • Outline
  • Instructors
  • Reviews
Duration: 4 Days

Recommended prerequisites include completion of this Django Tutorial.


Objectives Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand best practices for organizing and deploying a Django project
  • Build Django Apps using advanced features of the framework 
  • Integrate DB migrations using South 
  • Profile, explore, and debug your Django application with essential third party applications 
  • Understand how to provide a REST style web service for your application


This course is designed for software developers interested in building web applications with Django. It is suitable for Django novices who have completed the excellent Django tutorial as well as more experienced Django developers looking to upgrade their toolset and practices.

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