Gradle In-Depth

Gradle In-Depth

Join us for this three-day Gradle course to learn how to use the Gradle build system to increase your productivity tremendously. This Gradle training class first runs through some Groovy fundamentals and then moves quickly into in-depth coverage of the Gradle build system, including a module on how to work with the new Gradle-based Android build system as well as an introduction to using the Gradle Scala plugin.

You'll spend a significant portion of the class with your hands on the keyboard, learning by doing, working through lab exercises designed to build on the presented material and explore the depths of Gradle. This class is suitable for newcomers as well as people who already have some experience with Gradle. The class will be delivered by a Gradle Core Developer, which gives you access to the deepest Gradle knowledge available. No question will remain unanswered.

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Duration: 3 Days

This course assumes a good understanding of the Java language. Some code is initially easier to understand if you also have a basic understanding of the Groovy language. But due to Groovy's similarity to Java, Groovy is not a prerequisite. There will be a very short introduction to Groovy at the beginning of the course.


Upon completion of this course you will be able to...

  • Learn the basics of Gradle and Groovy
  • How Gradle integrates with Android
  • Write your own Gradle plugins
  • Integrate with Ant and Maven
  • Learn about copy and archive tasks in Gradle
  • Working with a powerful file system API
  • Build migration best practices
  • How to use the Gradle performance
  • Learn how to build Java, Android, and Scala applications
  • How to efficiently move away from your current build environment
  • Learn how to deal with complex build requirements
  • Learn how to deal with large multi module builds


New and experienced users are encouraged to attend Gradle In Depth. This class has something for every level of Gradle user.

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