Dave Smith

Dave Smith is the Android Practice Lead at NewCircle, where he focuses on development and maintenance of courseware materials.

Dave has worked in developing software at all levels of the Android platform since 2009; from writing user applications using the SDK to building and customizing the Android source code for embedded devices. Prior to that, he was an embedded applications developer and hardware systems integrator for the M2M industry, working mostly with 8 and 16-bit microprocessors. His favorite mobile projects are those that integrate custom accessory hardware with consumer devices or involve building Android for embedded platforms. Today he specializes primarily in integrating custom device interfaces, such as USB and UART, with application layer services on embedded Android hardware.

Android Recipes by ApressDave is also passionate about providing resources for developers that they can make use of long term. He is the author of the popular Android book Android Recipes: A Problem Solution Approach published by Apress; a cookbook style text dedicated to getting Android developers up and running quickly by providing real-world useful examples of how to use the Android SDK and NDK to build applications quickly and well.  Dave is a regular speaker at Android conferences, where he usually speaks on topics related to hardware integration and framework internals. He frequently shares ideas via the NewCircle Stream, his personal development blog, Twitter (@devunwired), and Google+.

Dave received his degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Colorado School of Mines, and is a licensed Professional Engineer.

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Student Feedback

Neha Intel
Dave is amazing! Extremely knowledgeable and a fantastic teacher. Answered all questions in detail and made sure that the content was understood irrespective of how much time it took.

He seemed to have the same level of energy at 9 in the morning and at 5 in the evening. Extremely patient and just happy to teach.
Jeremy Hewlett Packard
Instructor was well versed in Android, and communicated well. Good class pace. I liked the in-class coding and follow-along, as well as the on-your-own mini-labs. I definitely got a good basic understanding of Android, and how to write apps from this class. I would definitely take more advanced training classes Dave in the future if offered.
Alexander Fusion Alliance
Dave is a great instructor. He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the Android system. Highly recommend this class to anybody who wants to understand the inner workings of the Android platform.