Aaron Maxwell

Aaron Maxwell is a technology entrepreneur, software engineer, author and instructor with a strong background in software engineering and scientific research.

As an engineer, his areas of impact and interest have ranged from the mobile web, to cloud computing, to building robustly concurrent systems and languages for company’s like Lyft, Grokr and SnapLogic. Lately, Aaron has been focusing on devops and Big Data engineering.

Aaron is a Databricks Certified Instructor for Apache Spark, and in addition to teaching Spark classes, has taught courses on Python, Django, Devops, and Ansible for professional development teams throughout the US and Europe.

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Student Feedback

Paul Salesforce
In all honesty, this is one of the best technical classes I've ever taken. ( and I've been doing this a very long time ). Aaron is a gifted and passionate instructor of Python who created an excellent learning environment.

The course touched on many items that can be immediately useful in the workplace. The content was so applicable and very relatable to things that we've done in other languages.

I had taken a Python class within the past 4 years, and after the first day, the labs were just impossible. These labs are really designed for success. And I don't mean that the answers are immediately available, but the whole doctest design of the labs was a great vehicle for helping to identify where your problems might be occurring.

Bravo to your entire organization. This was a very well-spent 4 days. Thank you very much.
Alexander Salesforce
Aaron is an outstanding instructor. He's knowledgeable plus patient. He takes the time to explain concepts and provide true working examples. This was an excellent course.
Ellis Cisco
Aaron was extremely informed in the nature of the content and was able to articulate the curriculum in a manner that was easily consumable. Excellent job and kudos to Aaron.