Scala provides advanced and powerful capabilities, well beyond what’s available in most other JVM languages. Like Java, Scala has compile-time type safety, unlike popular dynamic languages (though Scala is even more type-safe than Java). But Scala also provides type inference, pattern matching, higher-order functions, a powerful and flexible collections library, and advanced support for the concurrent programming that’s so necessary to scale today’s demanding applications.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I learned a lot in a short amount of time. The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and presented the information in an enjoyable manner. He also took the time to thoroughly answer questions from the students, even on advanced topics that weren't originally part of the planned course material.

- Latisys

Great course! Instructor has good knowledge and I enjoyed the functional programming approach to teaching scala.

- BrightRoll

Enjoyed the class very much. I really appreciate that you recorded the sessions and provided the slides as a downloadable resource... that is tremendously helpful! Thank you very much!

- Google

Brain came with abundant Scala hands-on knowledge that allowed us to jump freely into various related topics/languages. Aside from that, his energy and passion for Scala really enabled the short and intense session to be easily absorbable. I walked away (from the short 2 day session) feeling really comfortable to dive into more advanced Scala topics.

- Silicon Valley Data Science

Great course! This course gave me an excellent understanding of Scala and the confidence to dive right into it!


Brian was very knowledgable about the technology. Even better, he was very patient while explaining it to us. I would look forward to any class I knew he was teaching.