Python is a powerful dynamic programming language used for a variety of applications including web development, automated testing, and even pharmaceuticals. Python is often compared to Tcl, Perl, Ruby, Scheme or Java.

NewCircle's Python Training is a set of courses designed for novice programmers, as well as experienced developers, just getting into this new language and platform.

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Advanced Python

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Brian Clapper

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Redmond , WA

John Ewart

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Aaron Maxwell

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Nima Mehanian

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Ron Munitz

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San Francisco Bay Area , CA

Jeremy Osborne

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Jacob Parr

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Annapolis Junction , MD

Steve Ramsey

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Quebec , QC

Greg Sadetsky

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Ralph Tavarez

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Austin , TX

Alex Vidal

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What Our Clients Are Saying

It was an amazing training session on python. I really liked and would recommend to all my friends who are interested in python. The examples and use cases explained are really very good. Wish to have any advanced training on python in near future.

srinivas reddy - Qualcomm, Inc.

The training is very well organized and delivered. Rob Zuber did the excellent job. Many thanks!

David - Symantec Corporation

Labs = great! I wanted more of them, and more time to do them, at every step of the way. It makes it easier to learn that way. Simeon is SUPER knowledgeable with Python AND many other languages, which is great because he can compare and contrast them. He now only knows teaches the syntax and language, but how to use it efficiently. I was a bit under the learning level, not having programmed before like most everyone else in the class, so I felt like I was constantly having to catch up, but I still learned a LOT and highly recommend this class for programmers fluent in Java or C or such that want to learn Python as well. Take this and you will be off and running!

Chris - Bank of the west

Greg is an excellent instructor and is quite entertaining/engaging. He really knows his subject matter.

Noel -

The class was well paced and was very useful in getting me to understand the fundamentals of the language which is what I was looking for.


Python class is excellent. Trainer is highly qualified and excellent in teaching the course. Request to teach bit slow on advanced topics. If you add PPT presentation will have great impact.

Sreekanth -

Lively class, interactive, and all the best you can get from an instructor-led training, you got it here.

Ooi Ewe -

Trainings can be boring if the instructor is not expressive. Greg is definitely an instructor, who has been a reason that I got to know Python this well. This has definitely been a good training from all aspects. Looking forward to more like these.

Sajeesh -