JBoss is an open source, cross-platform Java EE-based application server. It is usable on any operating system that supports Java.

Our team has been training developers and administrators in J2EE platforms since the late 1990s, and give your team the kind of real-world experience needed to get up to speed and coding.

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Mill Valley , CA

Adam Breindel

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Half Moon Bay , CA

Gordon Force

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Sasa was an excellent instructor.

Stephen - WDIG

Sasa is a terrific instructor. the Course outline is very nice. The best training class I ever attended. Sasa was able to answer all questions, very clear mind and clear answers. All topics are covered in detail. Great job.

Jing - Agilent technologies

IIt was a great class, however it was extremly fast. Defrag your brain before you take this class. Your going to need a lot of space for it.

Brad - State of Montana

Awesome Class would definitely attend another!

Edward - Razorstream, LLC

Excellent instructor.

Jason - Walt Disney Internet Group

First of all, I thought Sasa did an excellent job. He provided enough technical detail to fill in the gaps in my knowledge. I really enjoyed the way he was able to cover a topic in detail but at the same time provide a high level overview. Finally, I would highly recommend the instructor and the course for Java programmers who are serious about learning the internals not just superficially but really in depth! Great job! Please keep up the great work.
short version: Sasa is the man! long version: The instructor was well versed in every area of JBoss administration and JEE application development. Each question was answered in a clear and thourough manner. If you enjoy being trained by competent, seasoned professionals - try Marakana.

Ellery - The Unixx Group, Inc.

Sasa knew his stuff and was able to answer all the questions he was being hit with. He did not preach the material to us but made sure we understood the whys of what was being taught. I wouldn't mind coming back for additional training or even having onsite setup.

Aliza - American Student Assistance