We teach a range and variety of JavaScript Trainings. Whether you're just getting started, or you're looking for specific trainings in Angular, Ember, or Backbone, we have the right course to get you or your team up to speed.

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jQuery is one of the most simple and popular cross-browser libraries for JavaScript out there, capable of building extremely rich yet elegant web UIs.

Our trainings range between two and three days, can be specified for the web or mobile, and can be as high-level or dialed in as you would like.

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Mill Valley , CA

Adam Breindel

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San Francisco , CA

Alex Chaffee

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Aaron Feng

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San Francisco , CA

Alex Gaber

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Las Vegas , NV

Rick Hurst

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Santa Cruz , CA

James Lafferty

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Nima Mehanian

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San Francisco Bay Area , CA

Jeremy Osborne

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Jacob Parr

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Michael Pigg

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Quebec , QC

Greg Sadetsky

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Ralph Tavarez

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Austin , TX

Alex Vidal

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Dan Wahlin

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John West

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New York , NY

Daniel Zen

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Vancouver , BC

Gil Zhaiek

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The training was very well organized with the agenda set for each session. The materials provided as part of the class will help me as a reference in my future projects.

Neha - Intel Corporation

Adam is very sharp and able to explain all the concept of JavaScript very well. He understood all the participants questions very quickly and addressed them, that was very impressive.

Sanjeev - Cisco

Brian Clapper is a knowledgeable guy, who uses his knowledge to great effect in teaching others to ramp up in Angularjs and related technologies. He takes extra efforts in making them understand all the possible issues related to a particular technology. It was great learning from a veteran software developer, who has worked in the industry and knows the pain points that you could face while developing.

Gagandeep - Intel Corporation

Brian presented in a style that closely resembles how real development happens. Most instructors prefer to stay on script but he completely went cowboy and freestyle and adapted to the needs of the attendees perfectly. Excellent work.

Loren - Blue Origin

John was great at giving instructions, and his course was straight forward to follow. Even on harder subjects he was able to clearly communicate the subject. He was also great as supporting and guiding us through debugging whenever we were stuck.

Carolina - Epsilon

I loved the class. I have been taking online tutorials on AngularJS and couldn't get much out of it. Before coming to the class I had a feel that this is going to be a tough learning curve. This class made it easy and I was able to put everything together.

Meera - Intel Corporation

We are under-rating Adam by giving him a 10. He's excellent... He kept the dryest material fun, and the most difficult material clear.

Ben - The Climate Corporation

A very helpful class for me as a beginner.

Huy - Intel Corporation