NewCircle offers fast-paced, hands-on JavaScript, Angular, Backbone, and jQuery courses for development teams and organizations. Whether you need an introduction, or a hardcore, technical bootcamp - we can get you there.

Our courses can be delivered in-person at your organization worldwide, or virtually. We can also customize courses to meet your team's specific needs.

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jQuery is one of the most simple and popular cross-browser libraries for JavaScript out there, capable of building extremely rich yet elegant web UIs.

Our trainings range between two and three days, can be specified for the web or mobile, and can be as high-level or dialed in as you would like.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

John was awesome! He did a great job of stopping for stragglers and getting everyone up to speed! He also made it very very fun to learn all the complicated Angular JS course work. He was kind and understanding that we do still have jobs and we needed to walk away for a few moments. John makes me love learning and I would love to take more classes with him as an instructor.
The teacher is great. Love this course.

- Newegg Inc.

This is my second class where I am fortunate to get Adam as the instructor. Adam rocks! As I said before, his depth of knowledge is impressive. He keeps the class interesting and entertaining.


John was great, he had the class set up in a very clear and understandable manner. He was very knowledgeable and guided the class well. The labs were useful in putting to practice the material we learned, John also helped us with resolving issues and making sure we all moved along. Great class

- Epsilon

Excellent training. The contents and the pace were perfect. The instructor was very knowledgeable. The instructor gave good attention to questions and issues faced by participants. One of the best trainings I have attended.

- Cisco Systems, Inc.

Adam is very sharp and able to explain all the concept of JavaScript very well. He understood all the participants questions very quickly and addressed them, that was very impressive.

- Cisco Systems, Inc.

John presented a well structured training course on AngularJS that was well paced. Each lab came with lots of explanation and documentation to allow students to absorb the information at their own pace. I would look forward to another class with John West!

- Epsilon

Impressive training on backbone!

- Newegg Inc.