NewCircle offers fast-paced, hands-on JavaScript, Angular, Backbone, and jQuery courses for development teams and organizations. Whether you need an introduction, or a hardcore, technical bootcamp - we can get you there.

Our courses can be delivered in-person at your organization worldwide, or virtually. We can also customize courses to meet your team's specific needs.

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jQuery is one of the most simple and popular cross-browser libraries for JavaScript out there, capable of building extremely rich yet elegant web UIs.

Our trainings range between two and three days, can be specified for the web or mobile, and can be as high-level or dialed in as you would like.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Brian presented in a style that closely resembles how real development happens. Most instructors prefer to stay on script but he completely went cowboy and freestyle and adapted to the needs of the attendees perfectly. Excellent work.

- Blue Origin

Great class, custom tailored, interactive, perfect mix of content! Great instructor!


Adam was a great instructor for our Javascript class. I especially appreciated how we gave us concentrated information, spoke clearly, and paced the class in a way that made all the details easier to digest. He was also really friendly and took the time to answer questions, which made class more engaging. Thanks Adam!


Brian did a very good job of balancing the coursework based upon our various knowledge levels of angularJS. I have been using angular for well over a year, but I still learned a lot from Brian.


Good training. Impressive!

- Newegg Inc.

Excellent class, good material. The sections on closures and context are especially eye-opening. Adam clearly knows his stuff and is in touch with modern methodologies. He has a great personality and is very patient. He is well spoken and explains concepts very clearly. It is especially helpful when he draws diagrams on the board.


This is my second class where I am fortunate to get Adam as the instructor. Adam rocks! As I said before, his depth of knowledge is impressive. He keeps the class interesting and entertaining.


The teacher is great. Love this course.

- Newegg Inc.