Apache is the most popular web server in use today. It is the reference platform against which other web servers are judged and designed. Developed and maintained by an open community of developers under the auspices of the Apache Software Foundation. Apache is primarily used to serve static and dynamic content on the World Wide Web. Many web applications are designed expecting the environment and features that Apache provides.

Apache is the web server component of the popular LAMP (Linux, MySql, Apache, PHP/Perl/Python) web server application stack.

NewCircle specializes in open-source training for corporations and governments. We provide Apache HTTPD and Apache Tomcat classes in our San Francisco training facility on a monthly basis. We also travel all over the world and train teams of developers and administrators.

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Very nice, thanks for teacher's hard work!

FAN - Newegg Inc.

The instructor is very knowledgable & precise in providing the required information.

Jay - Avery Dennison

Excellent Format of Training... Excellent trainer... Its nice learning from somebody that actually uses the software, not just read it from a book... Thank You

Brian - UC Davis

One of the best classes I have ever had. Will definately be looking to come back again!

Brian - Autoliv Inc.

Instructor is excellent...

Mike - Prescription

I really enjoyed the class and believe I will take away a lot from it. Martin did a great job teaching the class.

Blake - Red Mountain Technologies

Great pace, great content, great instructor. You have enough knowledge to go further explore with a good understanding.

Bibi - Google Inc

Overall this was an excellent class and I would highly recommend it to my peers and anyone else who asked...

Brandon - Broward Community College