Apache Spark

NewCircle's Apache Spark 2.0 training courses provide a comprehensive, hands-on, and example-driven approach to learning Spark 2.0 for Big Data processing, analytics, visualization, machine learning, and data science applications. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of how Apache Spark works under-the-hood, while hands-on exercises provide practical experience using Spark to solve common challenges faced by organizations running Big Data applications in production.

Delivered at your organization, or in our public classrooms

Private training courses are available for teams of 5 or more, are delivered onsite at your organization worldwide, and can be customized to meet your teams’ needs. Classes open to the public are listed on the public training calendar below, and are scheduled in partner training facilities located throughout the US.

What sets our courses apart?

  • Designed for Apache Spark 2.0:
    Learn the latest approach to Spark programming, required to get the most out of Apache Spark 2.0 and future versions of the platform.
  • Focused on Open Source Apache Spark:
    Maximize your learning by focusing on how to be as effective as possible with open source Apache Spark first, instead of commercial products that may not be relevant to you or your organization.
  • Learn from Instructors with Experience in the Trenches:
    Our courses are taught by seasoned instructors, with real-world experience developing and deploying Spark in production environments.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

If you are thinking of using Spark as a production ready solution, this is the training for you.

- American Express

Very satisfied with the class. The material is great! Thank you guys!

- Apple

This course was very useful to me. It brought a lot of things together for me. Scala, Spark and Machine learning. The course is very well laid out and walks the students through data loading, prepping and applying ML algorithms. The instructor was excellent, very patient and discussed students' questions very well.

- Kronos Inc.

The class provided a lot of information that I do not think I could have gotten elsewhere.

- University of Minnesota

Adam really knows his stuff!! Great instructor, great class.

- ClearEdge

The instructor, Adam B. covered the material thoroughly and clearly. He is extremely well versed in the technology, as well as use case patterns and anti-patterns.

- ClearEdge

Adam was an excellent teacher. Great at technical detail. Great at high-level explanations as well.

- Cisco Systems, Inc.

Very informative and extremely helpful to kickstart working on Spark

- Autodesk