Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system, and the ecosystem surrounding the platform is enormous. At NewCircle, our Android courseware is developed and maintained by Google Developer Experts focused on Android. We have trained developers and engineers around the globe, from some of the leading phone manufacturers and software companies.

NewCircle’s Android Training covers all levels of the software stack. We have the courses to fit your needs - whether you are just getting started with application development, or want to become an expert in the knowledge of building and integrating the platform.

Our courses can be delivered online, in our San Francisco classrooms, and at your organization anywhere in the world.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Overall, the class was very informative, and well directed. Dave Smith really knows the internals, and was friendly, helpful, and well spoken.

- Hewlett Packard

Overall though, Sasa did an excellent job in presenting the material and I do feel empowered to go and develop Android applications. I would definitely recommend this training to anyone interested in learning about Android.


It was actually good to do this on our own work computers to be able to retain the development environment.

- QuickPlay Media

The training was extremely useful, showing Android concepts that I daily need to use in my job.

- LG Rochaverá, R&D Center

Very thorough knowledge of Android. Excellent training.

- The Nielsen Company

Learned MUCH more about Android in 5 days than I did in an entire mobile applications class in college. Very highly recommended.

- Motorola Solutions, Inc.

Jim did a very good job, I got what I expected from the class.

- Esri

I think it was a very good overview. Considering the time constraints, the training was excellent.