Our Scrum Training Course focuses on the fundamentals of lean principles and agility. Whether you're brand new to Scrum, or have been practicing for some time, this course will level-set your team's understanding of iterative and incremental software development, teaching your team best practices to collaborate and achieve higher goals.

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San Francisco , CA

Doug Bateman

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Mill Valley , CA

Adam Breindel

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San Francisco , CA

Alex Chaffee

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Half Moon Bay , CA

Gordon Force

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Ron Lichty

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Nick Maiorano

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Holland , MI

Daniel Morrison

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Bas Vodde did a superb job. My one comment was that they crammed too much into the class for the number of questions evoked. Both were long days with too few breaks as a result. Emails from Marakana were prompt and helpful. However, One email Marakana sent came through as plain text when it was clearly meant to be HTML. As a result the HTML tags made some of it hard to read. It said: "Food and Refreshments - We provide complimentary coffee, tea, continental breakfast, snacks, and lunch." This was not true. We were expected to get there 30 mins before the class i.e. 8:30am. I arrived a little earlier expecting coffee and breakfast to be waiting. Day one: Coffee did not appear until 9:30am - there wasn't a break then. No breakfast. Breaks too short to grab anything. Lunch, though nice, arrived at 12:30pm, kind of minimal, not much for vegetarians. No snacks. Day two: Coffee arrived about 8:45am, no breakfast. Lunch was better. No snacks. Wireless internet access didn't work. Breaks were too short to find out problem. The info on the Scrumalliance site and Markana's site and emails didn't always match. Class end times for example, also the last hour was not Q&A. Markana's end time was closest to correct though, it ended at roughly 6:10pm each day. Scrumalliance info indicated a far earlier end time. Anyway, good class overall, just some details could have been better.
Jens is an excellent Scrum instructor. His class is thoroughly engaging and filled with insight based on real-world experience. Think your Scrum implementation is good? Jens can make it even better!

Benny - OSIsoft

Great course. I enjoyed the exercises, it helped a lot to understand the concepts. Jens is the guy!

Laurent - Marakana, Inc.

This class was fantastic. It was the best exposure to what a ScrumMaster is all about and what it isn't. "Team...what do you think?" Thanks Jim!!

Sarah - Adobe Systems, Inc.

An awesome eye-opener. Everyone responsible for software development ROI should take this class and learn why Scrum is the way to make the most out of your development organization -- from both a quality and cost-savings standpoint.
You made a last minute change in location through a 'reminder' and didn't even bother updating the calendar invite. Original training facility was in downtown and public transit accessible - changed it to an area that was an extra 30 minutes each way (walk, public transit or drive with traffic). This level of organization (last minute change) and lack of thought about facility makes me never want to take a class through Marakana again. Instructor was great, course was great, organizer was aweful.

Dmitriy - OpenDNS

Jim Coplien is an amazing instructor. He brought great energy and passion to the subject and he explained everything in a way that made it easy to understand. I was very impressed with his vast amount of experience and knowledge. I feel I have walked away from this course with a true understanding of how Agile and Scrum work. Thank you!

Greg - SCEA

Instructor is amazing. He inspired me so much that, I was waiting for Monday to go back to my team and implement the ideas I have learned in the class. This is probably the best learning I took in the recent years. Worth it.