Our Scrum Training Course focuses on the fundamentals of lean principles and agility. Whether you're brand new to Scrum, or have been practicing for some time, this course will level-set your team's understanding of iterative and incremental software development, teaching your team best practices to collaborate and achieve higher goals.

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Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system, and the ecosystem surrounding the platform is enormous. At NewCircle, our Android courseware is developed and maintained by Google Developer Experts focused on Android. We have trained developers and engineers around the globe, from some of the leading phone manufacturers and software companies.

NewCircle’s Android Training covers all levels of the software stack. We have the courses to fit your needs - whether you are just getting started with application development, or want to become an expert in the knowledge of building and integrating the platform.

Our courses can be delivered online, in our San Francisco classrooms, and at your organization anywhere in the world.

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Apache Server & Tomcat

Apache is the most popular web server in use today. It is the reference platform against which other web servers are judged and designed. Developed and maintained by an open community of developers under the auspices of the Apache Software Foundation. Apache is primarily used to serve static and dynamic content on the World Wide Web. Many web applications are designed expecting the environment and features that Apache provides.

Apache is the web server component of the popular LAMP (Linux, MySql, Apache, PHP/Perl/Python) web server application stack.

NewCircle specializes in open-source training for corporations and governments. We provide Apache HTTPD and Apache Tomcat training onsite or online, for teams of 4 or more worldwide.

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Apache Spark

NewCircle's Apache Spark 2.0 training courses provide a comprehensive, hands-on, and example-driven approach to learning Spark 2.0 for Big Data processing, analytics, visualization, machine learning, and data science applications. Participants will gain a thorough understanding of how Apache Spark works under-the-hood, while hands-on exercises provide practical experience using Spark to solve common challenges faced by organizations running Big Data applications in production.

Delivered at your organization, or in our public classrooms

Private training courses are available for teams of 5 or more, are delivered onsite at your organization worldwide, and can be customized to meet your teams’ needs. Classes open to the public are listed on the public training calendar below, and are scheduled in partner training facilities located throughout the US.

What sets our courses apart?

  • Designed for Apache Spark 2.0:
    Learn the latest approach to Spark programming, required to get the most out of Apache Spark 2.0 and future versions of the platform.
  • Focused on Open Source Apache Spark:
    Maximize your learning by focusing on how to be as effective as possible with open source Apache Spark first, instead of commercial products that may not be relevant to you or your organization.
  • Learn from Instructors with Experience in the Trenches:
    Our courses are taught by seasoned instructors, with real-world experience developing and deploying Spark in production environments.

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Deep Learning

Deep Learning combines large amounts of data and processing power with complex neural-network models to solve hard problems like autonomous driving, language translation, and speech transcription. Properly applied, deep learning can help also solve problems and uncover patterns in many business data environments such as fraud detection, customer loyalty prediction, and anomaly/defect detection.

NewCircle's Deep Learning classes are focused not on academic research papers, but on understanding how deep nets work, what problems they can solve, and how to use existing tools to get started. Our courses focus on two of the most popular frameworks in the Deep Learning world: Google's TensorFlow for low-level computation, and Keras for higher-level programs that allow quick experimentation.

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The benefits and impact of devops are massive: reliability, agility, and more. The foundation is automating the deployment, configuration and orchestration of applications and servers. The value, impact and relevance of adoption are so great, organizations have been scrambling to hire and retain relevant talent. But there is not nearly enough to go around.

The experienced devops engineers who develop and maintain NewCircle's courseware bring their extensive experience, thought leadership and practical advice into every class. Covering immense ROI strategies like configuration management, deployment patterns, continuous integration and more, our unique, technically advanced trainings present the potential to almost immediately pay for themselves, many times over.

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HTML5 is the next major milestone in HTML and it is not just another incremental enhancement; it represents an enormous advance for modern web applications. HTML5 is such a big step forward that it prompted Vic Gundotra, VP of Engineering at Google, to say "The web has not seen this level of transformation, this level of acceleration, in the past ten years… we're betting big on HTML5."

NewCircle offers a full set of HTML5 training, from 2-day HTML5 course to HTML5 Mobile Modules, all the way to HTML5 Bootcamp covering all the major modules in a 4-day course.

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iOS 9 and Swift 2 bring a host of new features and improvements for developers working with the platform. NewCircle's iOS courses are hands-on, focused, and can be tailored for your timeline and training objectives. Whether you're new to iOS development, or just need to update your existing knowledge - our project driven courses will give you practical skills you can use in your development projects right away.

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NewCircle offers fast-paced, hands-on JavaScript, Angular, Backbone, and jQuery courses for development teams and organizations. Whether you need an introduction, or a hardcore, technical bootcamp - we can get you there.

Our courses can be delivered in-person at your organization worldwide, or virtually. We can also customize courses to meet your team's specific needs.

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Our team of seasoned experts and vetted courseware have helped trained thousands of developers in the Java language.

Whether you’re jut getting started with Java, ready to master it, or interested in building enterprise applications we can help you or team achieve its goals.

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Python is a powerful dynamic programming language used for a variety of applications including web development, automated testing, and even pharmaceuticals. Python is often compared to Tcl, Perl, Ruby, Scheme or Java.

NewCircle's Python Training is a set of courses designed for novice programmers, as well as experienced developers, just getting into this new language and platform. Courses can be delivered online, or onsite at your location.

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Our comprehensive Ruby courses range from 2-day introductions, designed to get you up and writing code with confidence, to week-long workshops that dive into the details of the Ruby and Rails environments.

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Scala provides advanced and powerful capabilities, well beyond what’s available in most other JVM languages. Like Java, Scala has compile-time type safety, unlike popular dynamic languages (though Scala is even more type-safe than Java). But Scala also provides type inference, pattern matching, higher-order functions, a powerful and flexible collections library, and advanced support for the concurrent programming that’s so necessary to scale today’s demanding applications.

If you're a Big Data developer, scientist or analyst and new to Scala – also check out Just Enough Scala for Spark – our 1 day course aimed at giving developers the need-to-know's about Scala in-order to begin using Spark effectively

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Testing is an important aspect of any team's effective workflow. Whether it’s Selenium, JNuit, or TestNG, our instructors will instill in your team the best practices they’ll need to test products efficiently and productively.

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Malware, Viruses, Worms, Trojans and RAT's, Ransomware, Social Engineering, Advanced Persistent Threats, Denial of Service, Bot Nets, data breach and data manipulation, spying, corruption, IP theft — These are just a fraction of the Cyber-Security threats that are present in today's connected society.

NewCircle's Cyber-Security courses, aim to give you the advantage in the fight against security threats through all phases: Awareness, Attack, and Mitigation.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Class was exactly what I needed and wanted. Expectations were exceeded as we learned overall java concepts as well as specifics to apache tomcat. The few items the instructor was unfamiliar with he researched and found the appropriate answers for. I would highly recommend this class for any one trying to obtain tomcat skill or understand overall Middle ware application server skills. The snippets of development were helpful to understand the overall technology and how it all works together.

- Accenture

My instructor was really an expert in HTML5 and I feel very fortunate to have learned from someone who is already using it and knows it so well.

- Self Employed

Aleksander is a great instructor!!!!!

- Northrop Grumman

I'm used to a monotonous, conservative approach to teaching, but I definitely enjoyed and preferred the friendly and sometimes goofiness of the instructor. The laughter is entertaining and makes it easier to stay engaged and not get bored... it's definitely a rarity in technical engineering courses.

- Cisco Systems, Inc.

This course exceeded my expectations! I learned more in a day about Android than I picked up over the past few years. A great course!


I learned several new techniques that I can use today to improve my jQuery code. The class was very useful and I highly recommend the training for anyone that wants to improve their jQuery skills.


Jens Østergaard is an excellent Scrum Trainer, and he knows how to convey Scrum to the class.
Objective reached and very satisfied with the delivery of information. Instructor very knowledgable on subject matter. Enjoyed the class...Thanks for the training.....